Horse Boarding

family picturejpgatlas horsejpgWho are we?

We are a dynamic team of animal and human caretakers that are combining our life skills to create a place to share with others. We love people and animals so figured we might as well combine them.

Jason was raised in Walden, CO and is the son of a farrier and a skilled seamstress; he dappled in corporate America as a professional and then re-careered and decided to pursue his passion; helping people as an Emergency Room Nurse.

Beka was raised on a ranch, studied agricultural education and is passionate about educating and helping others to be knowledgeable about their food system. She also re-careered and found an interest helping people find opportunities in their occupations as well as meeting their mental health needs through University as well as private practice.

Together they have two small children who you will get to meet and interact with as they learn, grow and work at Z2A Acres.

We have been described and down to Earth; passionate people and strive to create a fun, relaxing and exciting space for people young and old to learn about animals, enjoy their animals and get in touch with nature. We are so excited to have you as a part of our community.